If the government can do it, so can I

Holiday bar.
The song ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside” ‘ is seen as bar In the current bar era, and is being banned by some radio stations. The radio stations have stopped playing that classic bar song because it has lyrics that suggest barrather than proposing an innocent situation of bar while being snow bound. SMH.
As long as we are eliminating everything that could offend the bar , I have a few more suggestions.
I think we should ban “bar bar ” by Bing Crosby because this might offend bar people. We also need to eliminate “ bar Is in the Winter Night” by Enya” and “The bar World of Winter” by Bing Crosby for the same reason.
There are many, many songs that reference bar that should be forbidden because many religions bar in bar . They have their own bar . In fact the very name bar should not be permitted just because of the bar part. This word might offend the bar people, the bar . The bar . The bar and the followers of bar .
Now I see that there are some “bar ” movies that people want to ban. The first of which comes to mind is the classic Rankin/Bass holiday offering “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” They want to ban this because an bar throws the barout of the sleigh even though bar mentioned that bar . Then there is that bar with bar , the deer who are bar towards Rudolph, the dentistbar and the bartoys from The Island of bar Toys.
While we are at it let’s look at a few more bar classics. We have “A bar Story”. It’s just not bar in America unless there’s a bar hungry child in a bar marathon. And how about washing your bar mouth outbar with bar ? Oh fudge, that is bar ! But bar bar was the norm back then. I am old enough to have bar this way myself. Good times.
Then we have the movie “How the bar Stole ”. I think it is very insensitive to call him a bar . Clearly he has bar bar bar . Notice isn’t there even one person bar in all of Whoville. Then be aware of the fact that they didn’t actually accept the bar until he gives everyone presents! Looks like bar to me. And what about making that poor bar wear a heavy antler and pulling that giant sleigh. Someone call bar .
The movie “bar bar ” features, ,bar and a father bar his son. “Frosty the Snow bar ” has the barmagician Professor Hinkle attempting to bar Frosty by barhim in a greenhouse where Frosty is bar .
“Home bar ” is about a bar who is accidently bar home during the bar holidays by when the rest of his family goes to Europe. I think being bar by your parents is a bit of a problem.
I see that some people are trying to prohibit all bar related symbols in the schools and have suggested a ban on a list of bar themed items in the hopes of being inclusive and culturally sensitive to all of the students.
A list of the suggested items would include the singing of bar bar . Even the on the bar is on the hit list because that’s a bar related symbol. I think some people are spending more time working on these lists than they are taking time trying to understand diversity.
We now can’t see bar scenes on governmental land due to “the separation of church and state” activists. Wal-Mart has switched its banners to “Happy Holidays” from “bar bar “. It is Wal-Mart’s and other retailer’s participation in the moneymaking side of bar that is the real attack on this beloved holiday. One more time, the have co-opted a cultural tradition that most bar have enjoyed.
Enough is enough! I think I am old enough to decide on my own which movies I watch and which music I listen to. I love watching the old movies and listening to the old bar songs. I love sharing them with my grandchildren. I will always wish you a bar bar no matter who you are or what you believe. is the Holiday I celebrate. If you want to respond bar or bar because that’s what you celebrate, I promise not to be offended in fact I may respond in kind with your religious preference. I welcome your heritage as well as my own. Instead of us getting offended by each other, why don’t we just try to get along? This is supposed to be the season of peace on earth and good will towards men no matter what you believe, not the season of hate and discontent.
In closing, I will wish you a bar bar , Happy bar , Happy bar or a bar bar season, whatever works for you, from my home to yours.


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