Supreme Court

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Along with many, many other people, I was watching the Senate hearings with Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh on television the other day.  It’s not like I had a choice. This was on all the channels. But it makes no difference what you watch. Every news program, talk show, every sports game and sitcom have become so politicalized that I have a hard time watching any television at all.  I have heard so many conflicting things that I thought I’d never be able to sort them out enough to form an opinion or write anything about it. Yet, here I am, typing away.

On the surface, the hearing was primarily a she said/he said event. I know all about that. I helped raise three children of my own and I’ve heard it all before. The she said/he said arguments are unreliable at best. I have found that the truth in a matter like this doesn’t rest with either account of the facts but somewhere in between. Every person will make a decision about this based on their own bias.  These decisions are based on our own human imperfections and prejudices not on some indefinable “truth.”

Two people, one of them an alleged victim, holding her hands with fingers pressed together like she was praying, expressing fear and trepidation, the other, an accused perpetrator, holding his hands up, tense, fingers spread out like we do to defend ourselves were on stage.  Behind both of them they have a lifetime of accomplishment, a lifetime of achievement and a deep knowledge that there was so very much at stake. This man, described as impartial and seeking only justice, if confirmed, will be impacting the lives of countless others for decades to come.

She said that “something happened” over and over again. After a little while I lost count of the times I heard “something happened.”  Something happened was the vague description she used to mean an incident that might have included an unlimited number of possibilities.  Something happened.

She said the memories of this “something” came out a few years ago in therapy but she chose this time to reveal them. I don’t doubt that something happened but I question her timing. I smell a rat or two.

Brett Kavanaugh said “My ten-year old said we should pray for her,” these were not the words of an astute and caring child but those of a religious adult discussing a troubled woman. Ford and Kavanaugh are not the only ones with so much at stake.

Around these two people were Senators, ingrained in their own personal allegiance to the parties they belong to. I don’t know if anything Ford or Kavanagh said could have changed any of the Senator’s preconceived notions.  The Senators, even if they weren’t running for reelection at this time were there to protect their party’s interests. Both Ford and Kavanaugh could have recited their favorite poems and the end result would have been exactly the same.

They will take a vote, and I know it will be right along party lines. The end result is that we are all losers in this process.

The first loser is all women. The message to them is that it is extremely difficult to be victorious against high-profile politicians. The message to them is it is hard to win over people in power over an incident that may have happened over three decades ago.

The second loser is going to be the judicial system. It will look like both the legislative and executive branches of government are looking after their own interests, not the interests of the people that elected them.  I know that the nominee for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh thinks there has to be a Democratic plot behind all this and I don’t doubt he may be right.

The third is all of us. It makes no difference if you believe Ford or Kavanaugh or neither one but you should be outraged by a system that has become ignorant of the wishes of the people it was elected to serve. And right now, in this venomous environment in which we live, this may be the one thing that we can all agree on.

I think these proceedings have tarnished other countries view of America. I don’t think we are now being perceived as a world superpower but rather as a bunch of children that can’t play well together, that can’t share our toys in the sandbox. This makes me sad.

I’ve had enough. I think I will be taking a hiatus from network television for a while till everybody learns how to get along again, until sitcoms become sitcoms again and not soap boxes for some people to push their own political agenda. I am glad I never ran for office and can now see why the best and brightest among us choose not to run.

To think I spent four years of my life serving this country to have it come to this. Where do I go to get those years back?